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سرعت پرواز 500 MPH

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The brand new Legacy 450 will soon be offered as Embraer’s latest addition to the Legacy brand of executive jets. With the Legacy 450, Brazilian manufacturer Embraer disembarks onto new territory as major structural components of this new jet will be produced in Embraer’s new Portuguese high-tech facilities near the city of Evora.


As a shortened version of the well-established Legacy 600, the Legacy 450 accommodates 7 to 10 passengers comfortably in a cabin similarly spacious to the one passengers have already experienced on its longer sister aircraft.

With a range of 3200 nautical miles at a maximum Payload of up to 2,800 Kg, Embraer’s new jet will be capable of connecting continental Europe non-stop to the Middle East at the very best economic price-point.


  • Revolutionary performance capabilities
  • New BMW-designed interior design
  • Large cabin windows
  • Flexible Seating: 8 fully adjustable chairs

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