Saab 2000

ظرفیت مسافر 58

سرعت پرواز 360 MPH

دستشویی خصوصی Yes

Saab 2000


The Saab 2000 is one of the fastest turboprop airplanes in existence and it is a stretched version of the Saab 340. The aircraft is designed to combine turbo prop fuel and cost efficiency with nearly jet cruise speeds.

Comfort & Size

It seats 50 passengers at a very comfortable 32-inch seat pitch or up to 58 passengers at a 30-inch seat pitch. The pressurized and air-conditioned cabin with stand-up headroom, ample in-cabin stowage and quiet engines offer optimum passenger comfort.


– One of the fastest turbo-props to charter
– Seats up to 58 passengers
– Spacious interior

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