AN 2

ظرفیت مسافر 12

سرعت پرواز 135 MPH

دستشویی خصوصی Yes

AN 2


The An-2 is an durable, light, single-engine aircraft designed by Antonov. It is capable of carrying 12 passengers but in other roles it is also used for parachute drops and agricultural work. Its extraordinary slow-flight and STOL capabilities make it supremely suited for short airfields, and some specialized variants have also been built for cold weather and other extreme environments.


The An-2 was designed as a utility aircraft for military and agricultural use. However, the basic airframe is highly adaptable and numerous passenger variants have been developed.


– Pneumatic brake system to stop on short runways
– Excellent design minimising the number of complex systems
– Short runway takeoff and landings possible
– Low operating cost

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