Fokker F50

ظرفیت مسافر 58

سرعت پرواز 240 MPH

دستشویی خصوصی Yes

Fokker F50


This twin turboprop-powered airliner with 50 seats proved to be very popular with small shuttle airline companies. The Fokker F-50 is based on the fuselage of the F-27 Friendship. The improvements were the new Pratt and Whittney Canada PW125 turboprops, driving six blades propellers. This allowed faster speeds with greater fuel economy, bringing new avionics and an EFIS glass cockpit. The F-50 was first flown on February 13, 1987.

Comfort & Size

It seats 50 passengers at a very comfortable 32-inch seat pitch or up to 58 passengers at a 30-inch seat pitch. In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowages. This aircraft offers an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors.


– Larger passenger capacity with executive configuration seating
– Spacious interior
– Cabin crew to enhance safety and comfort
– Private bathrooms

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